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Professional Experience

Lead Game Designer

November 2015 - July 2016


  • Led a team of five digital artists and designers,

  • Broke problems down into manageable parts, followed design briefs, coordinated the team, established deadlines,

  • Worked across multiple departments and communicated clear and creative input to ensure the designs were properly implemented,

  • Conceptualized, designed and delivered character design, body binding, scene design, and character action animation in the project of 'Tai Ji Panda',

  • Participated in the third user testing, measuring users' key behaviors

Tools and Technologies: DINGDING (a project management tool ), MAYA, 3D MAX.

Industrial Designer

August 2017 - February 2018


  • Responsible with customized industrial robot design, following clear design briefs, and maintaining support.

  • Determined the original form of the 'auto transported robot', 

  • Covered the whole implementing process including debugging.

Tools and Technologies: SolidWorks, Sketch


August 2018 - present

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